Wahana Rasuna Honey - Microlot

Wahana Estate, Indonesia

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Elevation : 1,300 – 1,500 masl
Processing : Raised Bed - Honey
Varietal : Rasuna
Region : Sidikalang, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Producer : Wahana Estate

Wahana Rasuna is a hybrid of Catimor and Typica. Rasuna is grown in Wahana Estate spans across 90Ha of land. Catimor and Typica has its own distinct cup profiles.

Catimor is known for its high yield but fall in production after 10 years, however Typica has low yield but much longer production time before its yields fall off. Crossing of both varietals was aimed to retain yield, trees lifespan and resulting in more complex cup profiles.

| PACKED IN 30 KGS BOX (2 x15 kg vacuum bag) |