Wahana Longberry Full Wash - Microlot

Wahana Estate, Indonesia

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Elevation : 1,300 – 1,500 masl
Processing : Full Washed 
Varietal : Longberry
Region : Sidikalang, N Sumatra, Indonesia
Producer : Wahana Estate

Named after its appearance, this Wahana Longberry is relatively long compared to other varietals. This Longberry varietal originated from Ethiopia Harrar and planted in Aceh region over three centuries ago. It was first planted in Wahana Estate in 2006. Growing Longberry varietals is a slow process and only reached maturity after 7 years, unlike other varietals that generally only takes 3-4 years in Indonesia. Wahana Longberry has low yield per tree which in turns resulting in intense cup profiles.


| PACKED IN 30 KGS BOX (2 x15 kg vacuum bag) |