Wahana Jantung Full Wash - Microlot

Wahana Estate, Indonesia

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Elevation : 1,300 – 1,500 masl
Processing : Full Washed
Varietal : Jantung
Region : Sidikalang, N Sumatra, Indonesia
Producer : Wahana Estate

Jantung in local Indonesian language means ‘heart’ – represented by the shape of the actual Wahana Jantung green beans. Wahana Jantung varietal originated from Aceh region in Sumatra. During Dutch colonization. Dutch brought in Typica varietal to Lake Tawar region in Aceh and plant it there. Since then this Typica varietal seed is known as Jantung and widely grown in Aceh region.

| PACKED IN 30 KGS BOX (2 x15 kg vacuum bag) |